In order to know how the Survival Tabs work, it’s best to know a little bit about human digestion first. When food enters the human body, the digestive system, including the saliva in your mouth, stomach, upper and lower intestines and colon, begin the process of breaking down what you eat down to its basic components so that your body can use those components where necessary. That includes carbohydrates that provide energy, protein for strength, healthy fats for endurance and of course vitamins and minerals for a wide variety of functions.

What most people don’t realize however is that only about 60% of the food we eat is actually absorbed, meaning that upwards of 40% of everything we eat leaves our body as waste. In effect, 40% of the food you eat is wasted completely. Much of that waste is either synthetic (man-made), indigestible or simply unneeded.

It’s also a well known (and unfortunate) fact that the food we eat today is high in salt, sugar and unhealthy fats. Even worse is that the nutrient content of today’s food has dropped significantly due to erosion of the soil, overproduction of crops and overuse of pesticides and other chemicals.

How are the Survival Tabs Different?

Starting back in the 1960s with the American space program, scientists began developing food that was extremely high in nutrition with much less waste and much higher absorbability. In other words, food that was packed with nutrition but minus the indigestible and/or unneeded ingredients.

Interestingly enough, they weren’t looking for something better than real food, but instead more compact and easy to digest so that astronauts would have easy and fast access to the carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats that they needed to perform at a high level, as well as food that wouldn’t take up a lot of storage space in a small space capsule.

The result was The Survival Tabs, an extremely compact but highly nutritious food source that the body can easily and quickly digest with very little waste.

What scientists realized back in the 1960s, and realize even better today, is that the quantity of food that a person eats isn’t nearly as important as the quality of that food. Two Survival Tabs pack the nutritional equivalent of a 7 course meal, but since they are almost 100% absorbed by the body, they’re incredibly compact. They might look small but they contain a big amount of nutrition.

Even better than most foods that people consume these days, all of the excellent nutritional ingredients contained in The Survival Tabs are ready to be used within 5 to 15 minutes after eating, simply because the body doesn’t have to waste all sorts of time trying to extract the important nutrients out of them. Those nutrients are easily available, highly absorbable and ready for the body to use as it will within minutes.

For astronauts, and for the rest of us down here on earth, The Survival Tabs work because they give the body what it needs, top quality nutrition, without all of the wasteful filler and junk found in most of today’s food.