The human body needs nutrient-rich food in order to function at a high capacity. This is true whether things are going normally or, in times of stress, crisis or emergency.

The Survival Tabs were created to deliver high-quality nutrition no matter what situation a per-son is experiencing. From the rigors of a normal day in the 21st century, including family, work and exercise, to the toughest, most stressful of emergency or disaster situations, The Survival Tabs will give your body the energy, strength and stamina it needs to make it through the day, the week or even the month, and survive any situation.

From busy single moms to high-powered executives, nurses, EMTs, students and many more, The Survival Tabs are perfect for keeping your energy up during those long, busy and stressful days. They don’t weigh you down or overload you with chemicals and additives, you can take them anywhere and eat 1 or 2 any time you need a quick kick-start. They also give your body 100% of the US RDA of 15 different vitamins and minerals, something everybody needs to bet-ter handle stress.

In times of emergency or disaster The Survival Tabs are a true lifesaver, delivering the type of quality nutrition that will keep your brain focused and your body strong, even if there’s no other food available. It’s no wonder that The Survival Tabs are used by emergency personnel around the world. They’re compact, easy to pack and deliver a quick burst of strength and energy at a moment’s notice.

For adventurers, survivalists and anyone who pushes their body to the extreme, The Survival Tabs are a definite must for inclusion in your gear. You never know what the trail, the mountain or the ocean will throw at you and, if things get tough, The Survival Tabs will keep you tougher. Enough Survival Tabs to keep you alive and kicking for an entire week is lighter and smaller than a can of beans!

In today’s world, preparation is the key to survival. If you live in an area of the country that’s prone to hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes or other natural disasters, having an emergency pre-paredness kit is essential, and packing The Survival Tabs in with your emergency gear is es-sential as well. When your family’s survival is at stake, you can count on the high quality pro-teins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals in The Survival Tabs to get you through.

As we said, the human body needs nutrient rich food in order to function, and survive. With The Survival Tabs you’ll have a compact, portable nutrition source with a shelf life of 25 years that you can rely on to deliver the nutrition you need whenever you need it. Whether you simply need to survive your busy day or a disaster of biblical proportions, The Survival Tabs are your best choice, and your best chance, for survival.